Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Motto

Our Motto is about - seeing the “un-obvious” and expanding the creative mind to open up to opportunities that add more potential towards success.

We have had experience with our own products in the US, seen massive growth and also experienced the tough end and quick changes from new technology platforms influencing buyer behaviour.

We actively maintained our relationships in the USA in order to create opportunities for our clients through a trusted network of people who are an integral part of the US marketplace.

Our team have also had over 40 years’ experience in the business advisory space including incubators, industry clusters, angel investment, Government Grants, tender writing, crowd funding, marketing, economic development projects that has evidenced a gap in the knowledge and connections that can make the difference between massive losses and massive gains.  Our team are like minded and have a genuine passion to build more successes than failures for our customers in a strategic way in sharing expertise, experience and networks.

Our Values

Honest and open communication – by getting the best advice possible to make the most informed decision.

Providing a range of solutions that are affordable yet comprehensive.

Integrity and transparency – with everyone and expect from everyone we deal with to enable us all to have a great working relationship where everyone wins.

Trust and faith that what we are doing is worth it! (Otherwise we would be doing something completely different). We aspire to inspire as many people as possible.

Keep an open mind to all possibilities and ideas, as we are always evolving with the market and sometimes we can reach unexpected greatness just by being humble and willing.

When we believe in a product, we continue to seek and find an opportunity where sometimes it takes longer to come to fruition. Even though there are a lot of “no’s”, we keep our eyes and ears open for that moment in time when that moment in time turns into a yes!