Upcoming Events and Workshops

Upcoming Events and Workshops

At OzInnovators we are passionate about helping people to build their business and expand their knowledge and open up new opportunities. Over the last year we have partnered in the Brisbane Digital and Business Expo and bringing in international well recognised experts in Digital and commercialisation of products and services. We also work together with TAFE Queensland, Local Chambers of Commerce, Regional Development Australia – Brisbane, Brisbane City Council and E-Learning platforms with new and innovative topics. With an ever changing business world undergoing accelerating change through Digital and Social media platforms, networking and business events are essential in keeping up to date, sharing ideas and know-how and creating relationships.

Recent Events

Event held at South Bank TAFE in partnership with South West Chamber of Commerce and OzInnovators

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In the workshop you will learn…

17th – 20th October – Export Pathways to the USA– Keynotes from 3 New York based Influencers in the Digital, Media buying, Marketing and Distribution in the US and Global marketplace – AN EVENT SERIES NOT TO BE MISSED! (Fill in your name and address to be notified of the 4 days of activities – You will have the opportunity to “sell your product” and be one of the 10 precenters to make it into the American marketplace.

Build a Better Business Workshop – Tailored to your needs with the OzInnovators team with our workshops focused on International market entry.

In the age of innovation, change and disruption have become the new constants. To survive and thrive, you need to know how to:

  • Compete in a crowded market
  • Innovate to stay front of mind with customers
  • Build a better business
Through the Build a Better Business workshops and mentoring, our team of expert business mentors guide you through critical periods of business development and arm you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to clarify your ideas and to move you into the next stage of business growth.   In Queensland $455 will start you on your way (Options available for interstate – please enquire)

Pitch a Product!

  • Panel interviews with product owners
  • Manufacturers and business owners over 2 days with a panel of US high level experts in Marketing
  • Distribution and Supply Chain expertise
  • Acquisitions
  • Email us for more details

Corporate Evening Event

  • Cocktail Event
  • Mastermind Session included
  • Email us for more details

Come to the Lunch Keynote Event

  • Major lunch event with the US experts
  • Launch Keynote Event details below
  • 4 hours – keynote + Q&A + case studies and networking
  • Email us for more details

Lunch Key Note Event

  • Major Luncheon event will cover key note presentations and case studies and current new products that have been accepted and their rationale for success involving
  • CREATE A CLEAR GO-TO-MARKET PLAN - Create the strategy that will bring your product to market
  • LEARN THE LANGUAGE THAT SELLS - You don’t have to be an expert marketer to launch a product
  • BECOME A BRANDING MASTER - You’ll learn how to position your product to stand out among the competition
  • This presentation is delivered by the US Presenters team, including creators of the Main Street Method. The Main Street Method was created to help them position their Fortune 500 client’s products for market and the process resulted in selling thousands of products, earning billions of dollars worldwide.
  • This presentation helps entrepreneurs, product owners and inventors understand what buyers, reps, investors and customers are looking for so they can show the story of their product in such a way people respond.
  • The importance of customer insights and research and testing the marketplace and identifying the target market and how to create a campaign that works and the importance of media buying.
  • Case studies on local success stories
  • Critical success factors – what makes a product stand out from the rest
  • There will be prize giveaways from the US and sponsors to the event.