Retailers and Distribution Company solutions

Looking for unique new products to give you the edge over your competition?  Do you want to own your own range of products under their labelling or your own private labelling by licensing products or exclusive distribution arrangements that have been designed and qualified to suit your company or retail brand?

As you know, we are helping to serve the US retail giants and marketers to save them time by answering to many product and invention proposals that are unprepared, unqualified and demanding on time which comes down to product owners and inventors not really understanding the target company requirements and processes.We have a growing number of product developers who come to us with unique products in a number of product lines for health, fitness, home ware, hardware, electronics, optical, robotics, recreation to name a few.  We present these products on their behalf and we can work with you to find the right products that you know will sell in your market. We save you valuable time so you can focus on what you do best.

Along with our US partners, we have been fortunate enough to gain a great understanding on how it all works in the USA and preparing our product owners or inventors by developing proposals and presentations to the requirements of the retail/corporate giants and or TV direct marketing influencers. It all begins with a Pitch, but then there is so much to follow and there needs to substance behind the pitch such as research, manufacturing costs, regulations and safety and claims for products and much more.

OzInnovators Australia along with the US partnership provide end to end solutions whether it is a product in either country.  Looking for a product, looking to sell a popular product overseas that you are already selling locally with a track record, looking to source a product to add a wow factor to your current range, or bring amazing products from the US into your range? OzInnovators can help and provide you new opportunities to make you more competitive!

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