OZ 2 US Market – Evaluation


New Products and Inventions

$397 package (includes GST) 

Step 1 – Complete the E-Learning (compulsory)
Step 2 – Submit your product online below
Step 3 – Once your form is completed and NDA completed you will be contacted by one of the team for a consultation to discuss your product and next steps

Manufacturers and Existing products

$1,500 package (includes GST)

Step 1 – Complete the E-Learning (recommended)

Step 2 – You confirm you have a product which has a sales record in Australia and you are looking to expand in to the US Marketplace

Step 3 – We will arrange a meeting with your team to discuss the options for market entry and give you an appraisal on your product and arrange a skype/ phone call preliminary panel evaluation and assessment with the US team.
Option – all of the above + Step 4 – Opportunity to be 1 of 10 products we facilitate a personal live demonstration of your product in the USA as well as a Government Grants review $1,500 Extra