Members Circle

We have created a members area , which is action packed with videos and vital information for you to access how to pitch and present your Ideas/products and innovations and much more which is important for your success , in commercialization of your product.

You will get access to leading reports and information, videos, tools and sell sheets and tons of valuable information as learned by our team in the US and in Australia.

Some information and topics

  • 10 steps to the perfect pitch – pdf and videos
  • Vital information for submitting a product or invention
  • The main 3 factors which affect your outcome and results
  • EBooks from our partners
  • Sell sheets and instructions
  • The inventor’s pathway explained
  • And much, much more
If you believe you have a good idea for an innovative sellable product, it is absolutely vital that you join the members circle BEFORE submitting a product to OzInnovators or anyone. It contains valuable information and tools that could either make you money or save you money, but failing to read it could cost you thousands. As it vital for you to know and do your research and homework as we have done as much as we can for you with the help of our partners and team.