Market Entry

Market Entry


Whether your product is at concept stage or in the market in Australia, introducing your product to a Global market can be a challenge and many people make countless mistakes and if you have tried before, you will know what we mean.  The important thing is to sequence your approach in the right way with the right team with proven results with the best resources. 

We find the US market is a great entry point for Australians, as it is the birthplace of marketing, has population mass with a similar demographic to our own and the USA has established market entry points globally and command buying power as well as selling power in several markets.

Your first step into this market is to understand the market and their systems, buyer behaviour, regulatory framework, business language, the methods of business and terminology, how they negotiate and how to develop fruitful partnerships and relationships. 

This is something we understand and our mission is to support Australian product owners and business owners to gain greater confidence and results first time around.

One of the most important things that we do and with our key leading partners, is about us becoming part of your team in your US and Global expansion efforts with our end to end solutions in all areas.  

Our Tools and Services

E-learning Platform

A set by step program that guides you from concept to market entry in preparation for the journey involving a product and marketing strategy plan template.

Membership and Resources

Vault of tools and information to assist in expanding your knowledge, blogs, newsletters, video presentations and member groups.

Team of Advisors

With several decades of experience including sales and marketing, digital solutions, retail, industrial design, crowd funding and angel funding, supply chain solutions, US and Global expert knowledge.

Evaluation Panel

Consisting of our team of elite professionals in the US and Global market.

Our Australian Advisors

Mike Avey

Managing director of the business advisory company, Pachira Capital, an active member of Brisbane Angels Group and an adviser to CapitalPitch and PledgeMe.

Scot Farley

Scot Farley

Principal Designer has been developing products and managing projects from idea to market for over twenty years

Steve Fallon

Having run his own successful web agencies, prior to partnering with BossTech, Steve has a broad knowledge of Web Design, E-Commerce, SEO & Digital Marketing

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Spent over 30 years in senior corporate leadership roles, accountable for profit and loss operations for Multi National Retail businesses of between $40 and $300 million

Martin Millane

Martin Millane

Has over 30 years of experience at senior management or executive level with corporate companies within the health and pharmaceutical industry, but he discovered that his calling was to use his experience, skills and knowledge to support SME’s.