About us

Our constant mission is to assist in the development of markets for inventions and products from Australia. We undertake this quest with a focus on representing inventors and product developers with professionalism, integrity and transparency and connecting the ideas, product and inventions to key people who have now become our international partners.

Our OzInnovators International Partners have successfully created, launched and managed national infomercial campaigns, generating up to BILLIONS of dollars in revenue for product owners, since the 1980’s. Get an unfair advantage over your competition with the expertise of proven professionals who are up to date on the latest production, licensing, distribution, buyouts, media, internet and DRTV marketing opportunities.Our Partners cover expertise in a broad selection of industries including CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), health and fitness, beauty and cosmetic, home wares, hardware, pet products, baby goods, footwear, toys, film industry to name a few and are the lead in their fields in marketing and are connected globally with supply chain solutions.

Our OzInnovators founders have spent over 20 years in doing business and making connections in the US and Australia and solidifying these great relationships with our partners, having a wealth of shared experiences that are now available to support you on your journey. These experiences range in all different market places and we have learned much and are up to date with the latest trends and changes and advancements and disruptions in media and online marketing and distribution.

Our Team at OzInnovators have a wealth of knowledge spanning over 25 years in a wide range of industries including corporate pharmaceutical, industrial design and product development, legal, major retail chains and distribution, small business improvement and some have been inventors themselves and have first-hand experiences of the challenges faced by inventors, manufacturers and product owners and going through the process and assisting others. Our approach is to utilise the most effective and innovative solutions to achieve results for our clients. We enthusiastically approach every new project with a spirit of entrepreneurship, sense of urgency and an excitement about the search for innovation, while assisting the step to step process which is required and fulfilling our client’s needs.

Founder, Gianni Lordi

Founder, Alice Langford

Our motto:

"Seeing the "un-obvious" and expanding the creative mind to open up to opportunities that add more potential towards success"

Gianni Lordi & Alice Langford

Founders – OzInnovators