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To be successful in the USA, you need to partner with someone in the USA who knows the American way of “doing business”. Partnerships are very important to us and this is why we have cemented our relationships, which have been developed over 30 years.

Understanding the US marketplace as we know it from experience, it is vital to stay constantly in the circle with “People in the Know”. Our network is very important to us. Our highly respected partners are leaders in their field with over 50 years introducing globally recognised products through all media channels and shopping networks including the expansive distribution and retail landscape within the US and Global marketplaces.

For a product to go to market, on a “yes” upon acceptance and believe that it will hit the mass market in real time is a myth. Mistakes are costly (and so are the airfares, accommodation, legal costs etc.) in such a large market. This is why a carefully calculated strategy with the right people to partner with you in the process from the start is essential.

You are in the continuum to expansion the sooner you begin. We have created the “US market entry made easy” system, tailoring to your allocated budget in the most efficient and effective way possible to enter in a timely fashion to match your manufacturing and/ or supply capability. Our US partners have solutions in licensing and other growth expansion options for every process towards success.

To understand more about our channels and partners, and also our capabilities, please review our website or contact us to make an appointment with one of our trusted advisors. We have developed an online training program and resource base to assist product owners and developers in their expansion preparations. Our partners are regularly coming to Australia at events we will be hosting with our industry partners.