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Taking your idea or your product from Australia to the USA and Global marketplace Meet one of our partners – the Original Shark from the US Shark Tank and the Pioneer of the As Seen on TV industry and Inventor of the Infomercial - Coming to Australia soon! A few words from Kevin Harrington

There are 3 big events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne coming up in 2018. Please fill in your contact details to get more information

Did you know that most inventors and many product owners spend all their money on getting their untested product to market without seeing first if there is a demand?

Backed by over 30 years leading international experience in our services and partnerships in getting your idea from the back of a drink coaster to its potential market with our specialist team.

Our service is built on a great deal of trust and dealing with people who walk the talk and given us no broken promises.  We have partnered with the trusted and most connected names in the USA, and we have a system to assess and launch products without breaking the bank, where we give you up front honest feedback so you don’t waste money. Our goal is to get your great and proven idea the best chance possible to enter the marketplace.  This is the reason we have created this system.

Start by downloading the free pdf and if you like what you read about us, join our members circle and book a consultant before submitting any product.

We look forward to you joining us a Team OzInnovators where we believe Australia creates the most amazing inventions and products for the world to know about!

"Seeing the "un-obvious" and expanding the creative mind to open up to opportunities that add more potential towards success"

Gianni Lordi & Alice Langford

Founders – OzInnovators

Our approach is to utilise the most effective and innovative solutions to achieve results for our clients.

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Our approach is to utilise the most effective and innovative solutions to achieve results for our clients.

Our constant mission is to assist in the development of markets for inventions and products from Australia. We undertake this quest with a focus on representing inventors and product developers with professionalism, integrity and transparency and connecting the ideas, product and inventions to key people who have now become our international partners.